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Stove Pipe Hat – of early LDS / Mormon Leader, ‘High Priest’ Ezra Booth



Now fully operational from the beautiful Pacific North West, we encourage all to keep a close eye as we unpack posted offerings and continue what will be an ongoing effort of unpacking the collection while taking stock with an eye toward thinning out our accumulation of treasures. After years of seeking out and acquiring all manner of quality antique Americana from simple but seldom surviving items of special interest to historically important treasures, Janet and I look forward to offering the fruits of our years of seeking out such to new and appreciative homes.

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Click to view larger image of Stove Pipe Hat – of early LDS / Mormon Leader, ‘High Priest’ Ezra Booth (Image1)
Click to view larger image of Stove Pipe Hat – of early LDS / Mormon Leader, ‘High Priest’ Ezra Booth (Image2)
Stove Pipe Hat – of early LDS / Mormon Leader, ‘High Priest’ Ezra Booth (Image1)
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Saved from oblivion by the common availability of original research material, this historically significant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints related relic is best described here as to condition and authenticity by our photo illustrations. Remaining in exceptional all original condition, this historic stovepipe bever hat bears the signature of early Mormon leader Ezra Booth. Offered here as found at a well-established Eastern antique market where the significance of the inscription was totally unrecognized, we extend here for authenticity, an illustration of an established signature for comparison to the Ezra Booth inscription in the hat.
Ordained in1831to the high priesthood from among a small group of early followers of LDS founder Joseph Smith, Ezra Booth had been a popular Methodist minister before witnessing a healing performed by Smith. So struck by what he had witnessed at the hands of the fledgling Mormon Church founder, Booth became a convert and was baptized and ordained an elder in May 1831. Ordained to be a high priest June 3, 1831 Ezra Booth was called to go to Missouri to preach the word of the Book of Mormon. Booth quickly became disheartened as he had apparently expected that he would convert people through the performance of miracles, as had been his experience with Smith. When no miracles were forthcoming, he became disillusioned and fell into disfavor of the Church. By September 6, 1831, Booth was silenced from preaching as an Elder by Joseph Smith and less than three days later after being a member for only five months, Booth renounced Mormonism. In a series of letters published in the Ohio Star beginning in November 1831, Booth’s criticisms had a public impact such that they were republished in 1834 book entitled Mormonism Unveiled. Ezra Booth’s brief role in the early Mormon movement continues to be referenced by the LDS today.

Buy with confidence! We are pleased to offer a no questions asked three day inspection with return as purchased on direct sales! Just send us a courtesy e-mail to let us know your item will be returned per these provisions and your purchase price will be refunded accordingly. Thanks for visiting Gunsight Antiques!

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