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original ! Civil War era enlisted Hardee & Forage Cap – COMPANY LETTERS



Now fully operational from the beautiful Pacific North West, we encourage all to keep a close eye as we unpack posted offerings and continue what will be an ongoing effort of unpacking the collection while taking stock with an eye toward thinning out our accumulation of treasures. After years of seeking out and acquiring all manner of quality antique Americana from simple but seldom surviving items of special interest to historically important treasures, Janet and I look forward to offering the fruits of our years of seeking out such to new and appreciative homes.

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original ! Civil War era enlisted Hardee & Forage Cap – COMPANY LETTERS (Image1)
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Our photos will do best to describe these nice Civil War era die-struck brass hat letters except to offer that they are completely original and in fine unissued condition with a mellow natural patina as evidence of age and originality. The letters stand approximately 1 inch (illustrated with a quarter for size comparison) and sport original soldered on fastening wires. Of interest to the collector will be that we acquired these letters several years ago now when we were fortunate enough to purchase a number of items brought home by a W. Stokes Kirk clerk when the Philadelphia based Civil War surplus dealer closed up shop in 1976. Founded in 1874, W. Stokes Kirk, like Bannerman in New York, purchased large quantities of all manner of Civil War surplus at government auction. Seems like an impossibility today but seasoned collectors can remember the two outfits offering original Civil War material as late as the 1960s and early 1970s. This small grouping of Co. insignia offers a now rare opportunity as we make the letters available here individually pricedfor the collector who would like a single example as a companion piece or more than one for display. We have just a few each of letters A through G with K and L. Just indicate in your order which letter or letters you would like. (Use key word letters or numerals in our search to find other examples.) Buy with confidence! We are pleased to offer a no questions asked three day inspection with return as purchased on direct sales! Just send us a courtesy e-mail to let us know your item will be returned per these provisions and your purchase price will be refunded accordingly. Thanks for visiting Gunsight Antiques!

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We also accept Checks and Money Orders.

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