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Original! -Civil War era ARTILLERY HAT CORD



Now fully operational from the beautiful Pacific North West, we encourage all to keep a close eye as we unpack posted offerings and continue what will be an ongoing effort of unpacking the collection while taking stock with an eye toward thinning out our accumulation of treasures. After years of seeking out and acquiring all manner of quality antique Americana from simple but seldom surviving items of special interest to historically important treasures, Janet and I look forward to offering the fruits of our years of seeking out such to new and appreciative homes.

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Click to view larger image of Original! -Civil War era ARTILLERY  HAT CORD (Image1)
Click to view larger image of Original! -Civil War era ARTILLERY  HAT CORD (Image2)
Original! -Civil War era ARTILLERY  HAT CORD (Image1)
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Manufacturer: American antique

This original Civil War through Indian Wars U. S. artillery hat cord remains bright in color and will make a fine example of Civil War through American West army issue. Once fairly common as period surplus the scarcity of originals on today’s market has fostered manufacture of reproductions for the re-enactor market. We recently acquired a small number of originals saved out from Bannerman’s Island stock by an old collector friend and are offering them here individually for the collector who would like one. Each fashioned from that distinctive period wool worsted, bright red with no fading but with a distinctive splice in one cord which is indicative of the Bannerman examples. (With a considerable amount of War Surplus left in military stores after the Civil War, government agents busied themselves with clearing out surplus stockpiles. If no bulk buyers could be found for a particular item those items would be rendered useless for their intended purpose and sold at a reduced price as scrap or salvage. Closure straps would be cut off cartridge boxes, straps removed from knapsacks, roller buckles cut from leather straps &c. In the case of these wool hat cords, the cord was cut thus allowing use of the cord but taking away the intended use as a hat cord. Many large lots were purchased by Bannerman who promptly spliced the severed cords together with red thread and sold them as hat cords. ) Don't forget to give our search feature a try for special wants. A simple key word in lower case works best.

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We also accept Checks and Money Orders.

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