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early 1800s - BOSTON NAVY YARD MEMENTO (Image1)
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Manufacturer: antique

This hand wrought sheet iron box demonstrates all the classic features collector / historians appreciate in mid early 1800s construction and material. The oval box measures approximately 2 ľ x 1 3/8 inches with domed bottom and lid atop 9/16 inch sides. The little box is lead soldered at the seams with a single pin hinge. The box is offered as found and as set aside decades ago with itís content of a small 1 3/16 inch hand forged, black iron chain link. In the box with the link is a period brown ink penned note: íThe smallest chain link that was ever made in Equip. Dept. Boston Navy Yard.í Held in hand one only wishes he knew more of the shipyard craftsman who forge welded the link and penned the little note. More than likely a proud journeymanís test piece, well forged and set aside with documentation as a testimony to his level of skill. In 1799 the United States was engaged in a naval war with France, and Congress called for the building of six battle ships. The consequence of the call was the establishment of the Charlestown Yard (a.k.a. Boston Navy Yard) where the U. S. Navyís first ship of the line, the 74-gun Independence was completed. Later in the Civil War period Boston Navy Yard ships would make important contributions to the fleet: the Merrimack became the famous Confederate ironclad Virginia; the Cumberland, which met her end in battle with the CSS Virginia; and Admiral Farragut's flagship the Hartford. A nice piece of Americana.

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