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Kurz & Allison BATTLES OF THE CIVIL WAR prints

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Manufacturer: C. Armitage Harper

We have a small selection of special printing, high quality, 18" X 24" prints taken from the original Krtz & Allen chromolithographs and are offering them here individually to the Civil War historian / collector who would enjoy a quality example of the original that may be unavailable or cost prohibitive. Not to be confused with run of the mill modern re-prints (as we will explain below) the prints offered here were done in limited numbers over twenty-five years ago under the most exacting specifications to be offered only as full sets of the original 36 Kurz & Allen lithographic work BATTLES OF THE CIVIL WAR 1861 – 1865. HISTORY OF THE Kurz & Allen LITHOGRAPHS - The story of these prints and how they came to be is a bit long but worthy of record for those who would enjoy owning one. When the war broke out in 1861 Lincoln asked his friend Louis Kurz to visit the scene of the action and make historical record of what he saw. Kurz’s pictorial representations of what he witnessed were eventually published as widely popular lithographs. His 36 chromolithographic war scenes became highly collectable and quite unique as most of the massive 200 pound Bavarian stone printing plates were lost. As many as ten plates were required to print each of the individual battle scenes ( a separate plate with it’s own printing strike was required for each color). Some time before the Civil War centennial, an avid printer / Civil War buff, C. Armitage Harper embarked on a project to publish the original Kurz series of chromolithographs in special limited edition as celebration of the centennial. Harper traveled tirelessly across the country to gather and secure the printing rights to Kurz war views. He commissioned Stratmore Paper Company to create a special quality, high rag content paper to match as nearly as possible that of the original prints. Harper then commissioned precise lithographic engravings and personally oversaw the painstaking recreation of each scene. It was then that perhaps the inevitable happened. After his already substantial expenditure, Harper found that the cost of binding and distributing the collection as a book was beyond his already strained financial means. The unbound sheets were carefully stored in the printing plant’s basement where they remained until Harpers death some years later when Harper’s son, determined to see some appreciation come to his father’s labor of love, caused the limited number of long stored Kurz lithographs to be made available. Over ten years had now passed since the Civil War centennial however and the flourish of public interest had waned. Most of the prints ended up on print and book sellers remaindered shelve even then to be offered in more costly full sets of 36 lithographs. It was at this time that we were able to acquire a number of the lithographs and set them aside for investment until now when our online store offers a fresh market for these treasures. Each of these original Harper printings of the Kurz Civil War lithographs is of the highest quality and condition, suitable for framing and display in the finest surroundings. Offered here for the first time individually for the collector / historian who would appreciate a single rendering. We have only one or two of each of the following for your selection. The Battles of: ANTIETAM, FREDERICKSBURG, CHANCELLORSVILLE, GETTYSBURG, VICKSBURG, LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, WILDERNESS, SPOTSYLVANIA, COLD HARBOR. If you have a serious interest in a particular print that is listed but not pictured and would like to see an illustration before deciding, let us know and we will send you an e-Mail with an image of your interest. (For additional titles search for our # 1417)

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We also accept Checks and Money Orders.

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